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Viet Nguyen

Curiosity drives me. I think about Bitcoin, the universe, the unexplainable, and the science on everything.


I was born in Tuy Phuoc, Binh Dinh, Vietnam. My father was a Sergeant for the South Vietnamese Army and served as an interpreter to the U.S. military advisors. At the end of the Vietnam War, my dad fled Vietnam by sea and was picked up by the Norwegian vessel "Tysla" in 1979.

I left Vietnam with my mother and brother in 1980. We were among nearly 1.6 million "boat people" who braved the South China Sea seeking better opportunities. We encountered dehydration, starvation, and roaring seas during the five days journey. We eventually reached the then-British Crown Colony of Hong Kong and stayed in a refugee camp before resettling in the U.S. in 1981 with my father. As I grew up, I learned I have a sister who stayed back in Vietnam because the boat was overcrowded. The family was reunited with the sister after 12 years.

My parents worked very hard to raise the family. I was asleep when dad left in the morning and had already gone to bed by the times dad got home. I was raised in Fairfax County, Virginia and have been a residence for over 38 years. I attended Bailey's Elementary School, Glasgow Middle School, and then Falls Church High School.

I earned a Bachelor's in Liberal Arts from Regents College, now known as Excelsior College, in New York after having transferred from the Virginia Commonwealth University in 1999. I hold an MBA in E-Business & Technology in 2003 from Columbia Southern University, Alabama. In 2010, I graduated summa cum laude from California Southern University with a Doctor of Science in Management of Engineering and Technology. Subsequently, through validation, I was conferred a dual Ph.D. in Management with a technology emphasis from the Universidad Central de Nicaragua and the Universidad Azteca in 2013. It was my mother's aspiration for me to attain a doctoral degree and for that reason, my pursuit was to fulfill a personal ambition.


I serve as the IT Principal for a government contracting firm. I manage the firm's central IT organization and implement strategic technology plans. I also provide leadership to the IT team and senior management team in integrating and aligning technology with business plan objectives. I am responsible for the IT operation to ensure effective support for organizational objective and efficient and effective implementation of initiatives.

Prior to my role, I led the design and implementation of the nationwide networks of 14 offices and managed the help desk department to include engaging corporate clients and stakeholders on technical IT issues from inception to resolution. I guided project planning and transitioning corporate Information Technology infrastructure to latest hardware and technologies by way of implementing appropriate, innovative and cost effective solutions to achieve competitive excellence.

I have over 10 years of experience in the Information Technology field in various capacities, and I am cleared to a high government standard. I had held positions that include system administrator, network engineer, security analyst, and technical analyst.

In addition, I taught undergraduate and graduate courses at iGlobal University as an adjunct professor.